Future Women

Full-Time | 6 Months

Become a Java BackEnd Engineer

with this 6 month company tailored program.

in collaboration with

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  • For who?

    Women+ (inclusive of women, trans and non-binary) jobseekers & career changers living in Germany. No experience required, minimum B2 English.

  • What is included?

    All teaching costs, laptop, software & career support.

  • Next Class Begins

    ?️ 4th of September, 2023

A Java Backend Engineer

Ready to Tap into In-Demand Roles

Become a highly skilled Java Backend engineer, equipped with the expertise to excel in Backend development. Developed in collaboration with Zalando, this program is tailored for their Java Backend Engineering roles while also preparing you to thrive in any other company within the industry.

Ready for a Careers as a
  • Java developer
  • Software engineer
  • Backend engineer
  • Java consultant

?? English


? Berlin, Germany.

Class will be held online, with a combination of in-person days.


6 Months

@40 hours per week

Supporting Women+

to thrive in new careers in Tech

in collaboration with

Nurturing your success throughout this program, with a consideration for hiring from the graduating class for internships, graduate positions, and other junior roles.

You also can expect the following impactful offerings:

  • Company Focused Skill Development
  • Hands-on Real World Projects & Assessments
  • Interview Opportunities & Recruitment Networking
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Women Empowerment Resources

Dedicated learning

with a community of Women+

Master advanced Java concepts, from scalable application development to efficient database design, API implementation,
and seamless integration with modern frameworks and technologies. Develop expertise in Backend architecture, performance optimisation, and DevOps practices, unlocking your potential for success as a Java Backend engineer.

  • Java Programming
  • Programming 101
  • Data Structures
  • Spring Boot
  • NoSQL
  • DevOps
  • MongoDB
  • Agile methods
  • Git
  • 💻 Macbook Included

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Course Info.

Apply now for one of 15 places in the upcoming class.

What is needed?

You are unemployed (or soon to be) and living in Germany

Fluent & fully proficient in English (B2+)

Can commit to full-time Monday to Friday (08:45 – 18:00)

An interest to work in tech

Motivation to transform your career

High school education or equivalent

AND 3+ years work experience


a two-year degree or higher OR completed a coding bootcamp


Website Application

After submitting the online form, our admissions team will screen your application to ensure you are a qualified and a good fit for the program. If approved, you will then receive an email with the next steps.


Student Admissions

Upon approval from the admissions team, you’ll receive a link via email to a questionnaire. This asks about your educational and work history, your motivation for the course, and requires you to upload your CV and an audio presentation. This helps us assess your course suitability, commitment, and motivation.


Phone Assessment Call

After submitting your questionnaire, we will review it and get back to you. In the case that you’re eligible to join the course, we will schedule a call together and send you the documents to be forwarded to your advisor for their approval.


Bildungsgutschein Approval

This stage requires you to get approval for this course from your advisor at the employment agency.

*This process may take several weeks, the earlier you start your Bildungsgutschein process the better.

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Doing Better

& Looking to the Future

Zalando has set an ambitious commitment to drive gender diversity within its tech job families.

With the goal of creating a more balanced workforce, Zalando has challenged itself to increase the representation of women in tech roles. The Reskilling Program in 2022 is one such example, offering women at Zalando an opportunity to take part in specialist training and start tech-focused jobs. We have supported 20 colleagues who identify as women to choose a new career in tech, where they would get trained at Zalando, possibly a life-changing experience. These commitments underscore Zalando’s dedication to creating equal opportunities and fostering an inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives.

By actively working towards these targets, Zalando aims to lead by example and inspire other organizations to strive for greater gender equality in the tech industry.


What is a Bildungsgutschein?

What is a Talent Accelerator?

How does this differ from a coding or career bootcamp?

I don’t have any experience in tech, can I join?

I don’t live in Berlin, can I join?

Is it possible to join the course in person?

Is attendance compulsory?

Do you provide a laptop for the course? Can I keep the laptop after the course ends?

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

What additional requirements are there to receive an offer to participate in this course?

Is there a job guarantee? Will I get a job at Zalando?

Do I need to do a StartSteps Orientation Course (Compass or Tech:Mentor) before beginning this course?

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